• Scope of the Workshop

    PESM 2023 is the 13th event in a series devoted to plasma etch and strip processes for micro-, nano- and bio-technologies. This workshop will be held in June 2023 in Grenoble (France).  

    The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for open discussions between science and technology. It is not only dedicated to scientists, process engineers and Ph-D students, but also to industrial partners in the field of dry etching, including plasma processing but also other vacuum-based removal techniques (ion beam, neutral beam, gaseous thermal etching, etc...). Topics may include both fundamental and applied research highlights, as well as issues related to the introduction of new technologies into manufacturing.

    PESM 2023 will focus on plasma etching and cleaning challenges : in III-V and III-N semi-conductor processing for power or photovoltaics applications, in dielectrics/metals processing for advanced memory technologies (OXRAM, PCRAM, MRAM, FeRAM,..), in More than More applications (MEMS, photonics, Imager..). It will be also dedicated to emerging plasma etching concepts and technology (ALE, cryogeny..) and the fundamental aspects of plasmas (new plasma sources, Diagnostics, Modeling ...)

    To stimulate technical discussions, invited talks will be given by scientific and technical leaders of the etch community, in each of the key areas defined above.
  • Key dates

    Opening for submission
    January 9th, 2023
    Abstracts are due
    March, 6th 2023
    Notification of authors
    March, 24th 2023

  • Registration & Accommodation
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    Information desk
    Monday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm
    Organization :
    17 Avenue des Martyrs
    38054 Grenoble Cedex
    Thierry Chevolleau


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